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Do you love quotes and quotations that inspire and motivate you? I know I do. This site features famous and inspirational sayings about the important things in life. More than just a site on romance or love, it offers inspirational and motivational sayings--quotes on spirituality, baseball, leadership, religion, Native American wisdom, parenting, writing and even diet and exercise divided into convenient categories. It's all about what you love. Pursue your heart and life opens up to you.

Motivation aside, it is also important to have a place to come when you need to commiserate with others because after all, as good as love can feel, sometimes it really leaves you feeling down in the dumps, so this is a place to express your feelings as long as you're not offending others. Once you've let yourself feel your feelings, then you can lift yourself up again.

Use the quotes on this site to pick yourself up when you're feeling down, help you move beyond negative feelings and inspire the highest in yourself. If you're struggling with an issue or problem, an insightful quote can give you the strength necessary to move on.

As the creator of this site, I firmly believe that all forms of love (whether an affection for sports, romance, writing or another human being) motivate us to greatness and unite us on common ground.

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Although this site began as a collection of the famous and inspirational quotes and poetry that speak to my heart, it is my privilege to invite you to make this site your own. Think about what makes your heart sing--what brings meaning to your life. Whether it falls into the category of romance, sports, poetry, money, religion, spirituality or friendship--if you're passionate about it, it is a love quote.

Additionally, I offer practical ideas for improving your relationships. Watch a video with Laura Love below. Each video offers an inspirational love quote with practical ideas on how to make it part of your life.

To make expressing your love for others easier, we also recommend unique gift ideas in the various sections on the site.

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By engaging your passions, you will come to see that love is your highest virtue. Allowing yourself to love the things you do lightens your load, decreases pain and inspires you to use life's trials to build character and live a life that is an unfolding of your heart and all the beauty and wonder it contains.

Love poems and quotations are a celebration of all we cherish. On this site, you'll find you'll find inspirational sayings in every category.

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