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by Alana

OK - here's the situation: I was in a relationship with my ex for almost 2 wonderful years. He is Asian & I am a white single mum with 2 great kids. I'm 26; he is nearly 30. I work full time, pay my way, but his parents hated me. I was known as 'that white woman' and they would constantly tell him they were ashamed of him for being with me. We got by, I kept trying to make peace with his family, show them I wasn't who they thought. We even got engaged, almost bought a house but then his family got to be too much and he left. We got back together, broke up, back together, broke up. Slowly my heart was being torn apart. We have been apart properly since September last year without really seeing each other that often. We'd email, text but it would always be the same - how much we are still so in love & miss one another & questioning why if our relationship was so wrong do we end up back together.

I have started seeing someone new, he is a great man. Loves me and my children unconditionally, treats me like a princess. I love him to but I am not 'in love' with him.

Here's the problem: my ex has told me he wants me back, & now I am torn as to what to do. Follow my heart at the risk of the pressure from my ex's parents becoming too much once again & being hurt so badly that the thought brings tears to my eyes or follow my head and stay with this new guy who is in love with me, who I know will treat me right & hope that eventually one day, I may fall 'in love' with him?

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May 13, 2008
Follow your heart.........2 men / 1 heart
by: Anonymous

Alana, I know what you are going through I have been where you are. Loving two men and not knowing which one I should be with, but my advice to you is stay with the new guy. He sounds like he really loves you and would do anything to make you and your children happy. I understand you love him but you are not in love with him but in time you will fall in love with him you just have to let go of the love you have for the first boyfriend then only then can you allow yourself to fall in love with the new guy. Good luck and follow your heart it will not steer you wrong.

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