21 Year Old Male Virgin?

by Tirzah
(tomball tx)

Impossible right?! I mean think about it! These days, it's even hard to find a virgin 18 years old ... Well I used to work at Churches Chicken and a lady who worked there told me all about her son and wanted me to date him.

I was like, "Yeah sure ... wha ever." I wasn't really interested, even though i WAS looking for a boyfriend. Well to make a long story short, I met him and still wasn't interested, especially because he barely spoke english! Major turn off!

Days passed and a month later we had sex ... why I dont know! He was my first, and he said he was an expert and he hae had sex so many times, I believed him becuase come on, he is 21 and I was so scared!! Never had sex before and never in my life dated someone older than me!

Three months passed and I wanted to break up with him, but he didn't want to ... I wondered why? Maybe he fell in love with me, but I sure wasn't in love with him!

Then in March he confessed to me that he had never had sex before and that he lied to me and that he had never french-kissed a girl.. only pecks... OMG! was my first reaction was WTF?

I wanted to laugh so hard and tell him what a loser he was, but then I thought about it...I was his first and he was my first and now, we're going to get married.

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