5 Ways to Keep Your Love Relationship Alive

by Michaela Bright
(Paris, France)

In an article that appeared in the Herald Sun, three couples were interviewed about their success in sustaining a long term love relationship. The top three characteristics of loving couples were ... (drum roll please)

1) Attentive listening, empathy and respect and understanding for different ways and feelings.

2) Get to know your partner's needs as intimately as your own.

3) Love is about nurturing, rather than coercion or control. The only person's behavior you can control is your own.

4) The purpose of a relationship is to support and help each other self-actualize.

5) Loving couples do have conflicts. The trick is getting through them without damaging the relationship. Sometimes, you just have to edit yourself and say, "Yes, dear," especially when it's for the good of the relationship.

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