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Honor Everyone Who Has Taught You How to Love
February 14, 2006

On Valentine's Day, Honor Those Who Have Taught You How to Love

Feature Article:

Valentine's Day Is Not Just for Lovers

by Laura Ramirez

Valentine's Day should be a day to honor all those who have contributed to your capacity for intimacy—your ability to trust another with your private self. Although a spouse or lover is someone you love physically, emotionally and spiritually, take a moment to honor all those who came before and culminated in your ability to love today.

On Valentine's Day, honor these people by sending them a favorite quotation from our newly posted pages below. If you haven't guessed yet, the people I'm referring to are those in your birth family. Although they might not have been able to love you perfectly, honor them, even if they taught you only one good thing about love.

Quotations that Honor Your Family of Origin

Quotes that Honor Sisters

Quotations that Celebrate Brothers

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This Valentine's Day, forget the chocolates and the flowers. Give the gift that will help create a whole new life for you and someone special. Click below to

Give the Valentines Day Gift that Keeps On Giving

Remember, this Valentine's Day, celebrate everyone who has taught you how to love life, yourself and others. Happy Valentine's!

Yours truly,

Laura Ramirez

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