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101 Romantic Ideas
March 24, 2006

101 Romantic Ideas

To thank you for being a subscriber of the Love-Quotes ezine, I have arranged for you to get a copy of the wildly popular ebook, 101 Romantic Ideas , at no charge. Simply click on the link above and the book will be downloaded to your computer.

In it, you will find ideas that will spice up your relationship and make things fun and exciting again—or keep them that way. Feel free to share the download page with a lover or friend.

In the past few weeks, we have put up many new pages on our site. Here are just a few:

Family Love Quotes - words of wisdom about mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers.

Short Love Quotes - inspirational one-liners about love.

Scrapbook Quotes - touching quotations for your scrapbook pages.

Hope you enjoy your copy of 101 Romantic Ideas. Read it and try out a couple ideas this week. It's guaranteed to add joy and fun to your relationship.

Yours truly,

Laura Ramirez

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