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A Poem for Mothers Day
May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday, I received a poem via email that is perfect for Mother's Day. On this day of honoring mother and all she brings to us, please enjoy this poem. I have included the first few stanzas below. Please click on the link to read the entire poem.

My hearty thanks to Susan Brewer for this lovely poem and to B.J. Brewer for submitting it.

Of course, this poem is not just for Mother's Day. It illustrates the care and comfort that mothers give to children every day, all around the world.


by Susan Brewer

A child sits at his window
Watching storm clouds in the sky

Knowing that he's frightened
Not really knowing why

Maybe it's the thunder
Could be it?s the rain

Maybe it's the lightning
Mirrored on the window pane

Click the link to read A Mothers Hug in its entirety.

Happy Mother's Day!

Yours truly,

Laura Ramirez

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