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What is Love?
May 30, 2006

What is Love?

In this issue of Love Quotes and Quotations, we ask the question, "What is Love?" The answer to this question appears in the wisdom found on our newest page, love quotes and poems

The wisdom in these words will reveal deep truths about love.

During the next few months, we will be spending hundreds of hours redesigning our site, so it will be more attractive and easier to navigate for our visitors.

During this busy time, we are turning to you, our readers, to help us create new content. We invite you to share ten of your favorite quotations on a subject about which you care, whether that is romance, dating, marriage, religion, spirituality or baseball. Please do not copy these quotations from a page on another site, rather, put together a list of quotations that reveal the deeper truths about the subject.

In exchange, we will post your name and a photo (if you'd like) at the bottom of the page. After you have submitted your list of quotations, we will give you a link to an ebook that will bring some fun and excitement to your dating relationship or marriageŚ101 Romantic Dating Ideas.

To learn more about this chance to share your love of a particular topic with the world, go to

Submit Favorite Love Quotes

Yours truly,

Laura Ramirez

Love Quotes and Quotations

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