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Inspirational Love Video
October 13, 2006

Inspirational Love Video

In this issue of Love Quotes, we introduce Laura Love. Every week, she will bring you an inspirational quote on love and relationships on video, along with practical tips for incorporating this wisdom into your life.

Laura Love will also answer your questions on love and relationships. (Questions are not limited to romantic relationships, but can also be about other types of relationships.)

Since this is Laura's first attempt at doing video and everyone needs to start somewhere, please be patient as Laura refines her on-camera look and presentation. If you have positive comments or ideas about how she can serve you better, please email us.

Check out the first in Laura Love's series of inspirational video tips by going to:
Laura Love

Although Laura says the video tips will be daily, they will be weekly.

Please spread the word about our new service and invite your friends to subscribe to it. Feel free to forward a copy of this newsletter to the people in your life who would appreciate a weekly video tip on love and creating healthy, life-affirming relationships.

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If you have a favorite love quote to submit to our site or if you have a question for Laura Love about relationships, click here

Yours truly,

Laura Ramirez Love Quotes and Quotations

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