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Say this...not that, to "thaw out" your man...
November 17, 2012

Say this...not that, to "thaw out" your man...

Here's a simple quiz to see if your relationship is in serious trouble:

1. Has your man become too "quiet"? 2. When you ask how his day was, is his response, "Fine." 3. When you ask how he's doing, or how he's feeling, is his answer, "Okay."

If the answers to any of these questions trouble you, read on because your relationship may be on the verge of a disastrous break-up.

But good news -- there is new research that clearly shows there are "magic relationship words"...

...words that can either END your relationship in an instant OR open up your man's heart and bring him closer to you than you EVER though possible.

==> Magic Words to Say and Deadly Words to Avoid...

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You'll learn what you SHOULD say, and also what you should NEVER say, if you want your man to love you ... to treat you like you're the only woman in the world he ever wants.

==> Get Your Man to Treat You Like You Are the ONLY Woman in the World...

You'll love this secret

Laura Ramirez

P.S. If you're thinking that your relationship is "okay"... and especially if you're thinking, "Hey, we don't fight"... this relationship time-bomb could be ticking for you too...lurking in dark corners, just waiting to blow things when you least expect it to.

==> Avoid These Relationship Time-bombs Now...

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