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Your Love Quote of the Week
August 04, 2009

Long Distance Relationship Quotes

In This Issue:

1. A Long Distance Relationship Quote (that is applicable to regular relationships)

2. Get 2 Ebooks from E-Harlequin courtesy of Laura Love

3. Reader Submitted Poems

4. Your Turn to Give Relationship Advice


Inspirational Quote of the Day:

Don't measure the distance, measure my love.

~ Unknown

Food for thought: This quote can also be applied to relationships that are proximal. Ask yourself, "What keeps my heart separate from my lover's heart?" Do something small today to bridge that distance. Reply to this email and share the story of what you did.

More long distance relationship quotes:


Relationship Question:

Alex wrote in, confused about whom he should choose: a woman who lives close by or a woman who he is having a long distance relationship with.

Read his question and watch my video reply by going to:

Keep in mind that in order to keep attention, my videos must be short. Obviously, I can't cover every possible angle in answering his question.

Use the form below the video to submit your questions about long distance relationships, offer tips or give Alex more advice. Tell us what you think are the most important aspects of a successful relationship, long distance or not.

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Featured Reader Submitted Poems and Quotes

This week, we've had a fantastic selection from budding poets and writers. I also want to thank all of you who are paying it forward and responding to others' pleas for help and relationship advice.

Here's a great piece written by Aziz of India that offers an important lesson for us all: allow your love to find its voice:

A beautiful poem submitted by Eve from Chicago entitled, "Tales of an Alewife." Every married woman should read this.


Your Turn to Give Love Advice

Age Difference in Relationship

My boyfriend and I are getting trouble from my parents because of the age difference in our relationship. I'm 22 and he is 29...

Read more and respond to this person's request for help:

If you are viewing this as a text newsletter, please copy and paste the entire link into your browser to go to the page listed. above.


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Until next time,

Laura Love

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