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Your Inspirational Love Quote of the Week
September 25, 2009

Your Inspirational Love Quote

In This Issue:

1. Weekly Love Quote: Words of Inspiration

2. Keep Your Love Strong or Heal a Failing Relationship

3. Your Turn to Give Relationship Advice


Inspirational Love Quote:

A smile of encouragement at the right moment can act like sunlight on a closed-up flower; it can be a turning point for a struggling life.

~ Unknown

Quote in Action:

Think of someone in your life, maybe someone you pass unnoticed every day, who could use a smile or some words of encouragement. Next time, you see this person, give them a smile, a nod or even a helping hand. How does this make you feel? How can you slow down a bit and acknowledge the people to whom a bit of attention would mean the world?


A Lifelong Love

Keep your love strong so it will last a life- time or renew the passion in a stale or failing relationship. This is the best relationship program that I've ever found. Click on the link below to find out more and get your 30-day trial. Of course, you'll want to keep this program as a resource because you and your partner will turn to it again and again throughout the years:

The Us Factor

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Your Turn to Give Love Advice

How to Prove My Love

I just met this guy and we've been dating for awhile now. My problem is that I don't think he trusts me! I just don't understand why he thinks this guy and that guy is my boyfriend. He claims he's just playing with me, but I actually take this seriously...

Read more and respond to this person's request for

relationship help

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Until next time,

Laura Love

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