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Love Quotes - Creating Good Habits
June 30, 2009

Creating Good Habits

In This Issue:

1. Inspirational Quote

2. Your Turn to Give Love Advice


Inspirational Quote of the Day:

First you shape your habits and then your habits shape you.

~ Unknown


Food for Thought:

Which habits do you really need to change to get the life you want? Consciously, pick a goal, like getting yourself into shape and then plan the daily actions that will make this into a reality. Use a good resource, like a book on getting great abs to inspire you to to make it happen.


Your Turn to Give Advice

Can you offer this reader some relationship advice?

Excerpt from "Girlfriend with Trust Issues"

My name is Rick and I have a girlfriend with trust issues. I have been dating my girlfriend for about 2.5 years. I am 26, she is 22. We met on Myspace and talked for almost a year before we tried a date. We talked about common interests and what we wanted in the future.

I knew she had trust issues going into the relationship. Her boyfriend in high school, who she dated for 2 years, cheated on her after her senior prom with her own sister ...

Give Rick your relationship advice


Until next time,

Laura Love

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