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Love Quotes Issue #005 -- Get New Quotes Immediately
October 17, 2005

Get Love Quotes Delivered As Soon as They Are Published

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Love Quotes and Quotations

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October 2005 Newsletter

Dear Subscriber,

You may have heard of RSS. The letters stand for Real Simple Syndication and all you need to know about it is that it is a new way to receive content immediately after it has been published. Now, instead of waiting for me to get around to publishing my Love Quotes newsletter, you can receive a link to the new quotations as soon as I've put them on my web site. If you love inspirational quotations, you will like this no-charge service. Although it's been awhile since I've published my last newsletter, I have been putting up many new pages.

The content can be delivered to you through an RSS Reader. You get the title of the web page and a one sentence description of the content and you decide whether you want to click on the link and go read the web page. This is a quick way for you to scan new content and determine if it is of interest.

If you already have an RSS reader, simply copy and paste the url below into the Add Content box:

You can get a no-cost RSS reader for the Windows platform by downloading it from:

If you have a Mac, download your no-cost RSS reader by going to:

The other option is to use your browser as an RSS reader by signing up for a My Yahoo or a My MSN account.

To sign up for a My Yahoo account, go to: My Yahoo Account Sign Up To sign up for an MSN account, go to: My MSN Once you have signed up and confirmed your account, simply click the Add Content link and paste the following url into the box:

As soon as I publish new inspirational quotes, you will receive the link to the web pages in your RSS reader or in your My Yahoo or My MSN account. Isn't technology just awesome? RSS lets you scan and read the content you're interested in without having to subscribe to newsletters. Try it out for yourself.

Yours truly,

Laura Ramirez

Love Quotes and Quotations

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