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Happy Mother's Day Quote and Good Wishes to Women Around the World
May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Quote

In This Issue:

1. Inspirational Mother's Day Quote

2. A Touching Mother's Day Story

3. Accelerate Your Personal Growth

4. Your Turn to Give Relationship Advice


Mother's Day Quote

The real religion of the world comes from women much more than from men - from mothers most of all, who carry the key to our souls in their bosoms.

~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

Quote in Action:

Call your mom today and tell her how much she means to you. Remind her of a good time that you shared. Tell her a story about something that she did for you that you will always cherish. Tell her that you love her.

Use this quotation to honor your mother and deepen your appreciation for her influence in your life.

~ Laura Love


Touching Mother's Day Story and Happy Mother's Day Wishes
from Laura Ramirez
Yesterday, I received a Mother's Day card in the mail that made me burst into tears. The card read, "Relax, Play and Just Dream." Inside of it was a gift card for a massage.

Why would such a thoughtful gesture make me burst into tears? Because the woman who sent it to me used to be my neighbor and two years ago, she lost her eldest son to an aggressive brain tumor. But here she was, thinking about me on a day that could have had her crying herself.

When I think about the generosity of spirit involved in such a gesture, I think about what mothers around the world do for their families each and every day.

Although your children and husband may never fully realize all you do for them, all the hard sacrifices you make, always remember this: your reward is in the giving.

Give with joy.

Happy Mother's Day from my heart to yours.


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Your Turn to Give Love Advice:

Note: I am designing a tee shirt to honor subscribers who are regular contributors to the love-quotes site. The shirt will be available in the next few months. One regular contributor who comes to mind is Penny. Penny, if you're out there, please contact me by using the contact us form.

For those who contribute regularly and from the heart, they don't do so to get something, but because they find joy and meaning in paying it forward and helping others.

In Love with a Man Who is 22 Years Older

I have found what seems to be my soul mate, the only thing is that we are 22 years apart in age. I am 30, he is 52. We haven't been together for very long but I have known him for many years.

We are able to talk about anything and everything no matter the subject. Our communication is unbelievable, and I have never been so comfortable with a man in all my dating years.

He isn't rich and doesn't have a lot to offer me, except his company ...

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Until next time,

Laura Love

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