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A Valentine's Day Poem
February 12, 2009

A Valentine's Day Poem

In This Issue:

1. A Valentine's Day Poem

2. Valentine's Day Gift

4. Your Turn to Give Relationship Advice


Valentine's Day Poem

Submitted by Joseph Martino, one of our subscribers.

"All I Really Need is You" is a beautiful love poem that was written by Joseph Martino. I am going to ask you to read his poem on the web because along with it, I have published the results of a recent survey.

According to this survey 1 in 4 Americans believe that money is more important than love in a relationship. So today, just two days before Valentine's Day, I'm asking you to read Joseph's poem and then comment on the findings in this survey. Click below to read "All I Really Need Is You" and comment on the survey. (If you're so inclined, you can also thank Mr. Martino for sharing his poem)

Valentine Poem

Still haven't bought your loved one a Valentine's Day gift. Consider the two suggestions below:

The new relationship program that helps you overcome the hurts and disappointments in your relationship or marriage and get back to the love that first made you want to spend your life together. Read my review of The Us Factor If the link above does not work, then copy and paste the link below to read the review and get your copy of the 30-day, no risk trial:


Send your sweetheart a romantic message in a bottle


If the link above does not work, copy and paste the following link into your browser:


Your Turn to Give Relationship Advice

Think you know enough about love to give advice to others?

Here's a question from Katie from Virgina Beach:

My question is regarding a past relationship. Me and this guy dated for about a year, then broke up. After that, we continued to see each other off and on for about three years. In this course of time, I got pregnant but had a miscarriage.

Click below to read the rest of Katie's question and give her your advice

Happy Valentine's Day!

Until next time,

Laura Ramirez

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