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Love Quote / What Men Want
August 09, 2012

Love Quote of the Week /What Men Want


It's Laura Ramirez of with an inspiring love quote on commitment:

"A genuine caring love is like a tree that is mature. It does not get uprooted by every passing wind of feeling or change. It develops with time a strong root structure. It sends out sturdy branches. It can survive dry spells ..."

~ Larry Christenson

Now for our feature article ...

Do you know the #1 reason why men become cold and distant in a relationship?

Well, it's because there's ONE thing that almost EVERY man absolutely CRAVES from his woman.

But the truth is that almost NO women actually do this...and that can have some brutal consequences.

For example, men have reported that because they didn't get this ONE thing, they felt like they had no other choice but to leave...or worse, have an affair.

Shocking, but true, and it's all explained here

But the great thing is that when you do this one "magic" thing to your man, you'll notice an instant difference in how he treats you.

You'll be surprised at just how much warmer, more affectionate and more caring he is -- all because of this ONE simple thing you're giving him.

It's all explained here

Sincerely, Laura Ramirez

P.S. This is something that ANY woman can do -- it's natural, it's easy, and it's actually fun. And best of all, it appears to work extremely quickly. I think you'll be really surprised by what you learn here

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