A Broken Heart

by Jordan
(United States)

When I lost my chance with the one I loved so much, I was heart broken! Here is my story of it:

I have an older brother who played baseball for many years. There was this boy on his team that I had the biggest crush on. I was in 1st grade when I met him and when I first set my eyes on him, I knew I was in love even though I didn't even know what that meant back then.

Well this is just a typical story of the little girl who has a huge crush on her older brother's best friend, except that my brother and his friend grew apart and I started to forget about him.

Then last summer-the summer that I went into 8th grade-he texted me. I was the happiest person alive. Well at first, I didn't really think much about it, so i just went with it. After awhile, we started to get very close. He said I love you every night and I believed him and said it back. We kept talking for the entire summer, but then my best friend started talking to him.

Finally, I guess my brother basically said you have to quit seeing my sister, so he said it was over ... I cried, but I took it. But I guess he went for the next best thing: my best friend. When I found out, I hated her ... and we're still not best friends.

He and I started being friends then he began hanging out with some of my other friends and I got mad again because I had never felt this way about a guy before and I didn't want anyone to take that away from me. That broke up another friendship, but me and her are back to being friends.

I still dont talk to him, but sometimes I will go on his Myspace or Facebook page and just look at him ... and I just miss him so much. I miss what we used to be.

Yeah I know I'm young, but it doesn't matter how old you are ... the feeling I have for him will never change. He was my first love. He has broken my heart so many times. When he said he loved me I thought he was serious and maybe he was, but I'll never know.

I'm going into high school this year and he will be a senior and I'll be a freshman, so I guess I can only hope for the best. I told him that he is the only guy for me and he said that he knows that I am the only girl for him, so my question is: what happened?

I still cry myself to sleep knowing that I had him, but I lost him. I wish at 11:11 every night for him to give me another chance. He will probably ever read this, but if he does I hope he'll realize how much he really means to me.

The thought of him holding me all night long makes me feel good inside again. Thinking that maybe he is thinking the same thing as me warms me.

I guess I can only wait. If you have a guy who you are truly in love with and he isn't in love with you with you or viceversa all I have to say is never let go ... keep holding on as much as possible because you never know ... someday that person might come back.

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Nov 03, 2008
know what you mean
by: Eileen

I know what you mean.
I wish every night on 11:11 too for my love to come back,
but us girls just gotta stay strong :)

Aug 21, 2008
thank you
by: Anonymous

Oh my God, Jordan, your last words mean a lot to me cause I'm in love with a guy who has a girlfriend but I will never never let go of my love for him and I do the same thing on Facebook. My friends say I'm obsessed but I just can't explain to them just how much I love him. they tell me to let go but I can't because I keep thinking what if he changes his mind, what if he loves me too. So I really want to thank you for writing the exact words I need to hear.

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