A Broken Heart

by Jasmine
(Natchez, MS)

Ok so its almost the middle of the school year. In p.e. I sit outside by a bench with most of my friends. This boy named Brandon usually comes by us every once and a while. Everybody usually knows me as the candy girl because I bring all types of snacks almost everyday. He comes and asks for some every other day. Then one day he asks me if I want to go to the sweetheart dance with him, which is a valentines dance that our school has almost every year. I say sure and we go that saturday. Weeks past and he finally writes me a note saying will I be his girlfriend. I reply yes. He gives me a hug mostly everyday. Months past everything going great. Suddenly he says that he is going to break up with me because he wont see me next year. Me and my girlfriends discuss it and we take it as a dumb reason. Then the next day while I am heading to class two people tell me that he is cheating on me. My heart breaks right that second. After I leave art another person tells me that he is cheating on me. I felt like going of that particular minute. I thought he was the perfect boy for me but boy was i wrong so he can get his ugly necklace back and never speak to me again.

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