A couple days later and a month after

There was this new guy that moved to my school, and everyone was saying how he was good looking and hot. After 2 months, he and I grew very close to each other. His best friends (my good friends) came up to me and told me that he likes me. I was very happy! So, we hugged everyday and hung out at school and stuff. And the Halloween dance was coming up. He asked me to the dance and obviously I said yes!

So, we danced and whatnot. After the dance, a couple days later, we barely talked or hung out. I assumed that he didn't like me anymore. So, I became upset. Then I finally found out, he had STOPPED liking me. I still had feelings for him anyway. And then, we got together again, and I still liked him.

A month later, close to the Christmas dance, he had asked one of my good friends to the dance. I was upset because she knew I still liked him. So, while at the dance, I had found out they were dating. I grew upset and started to let him go. And yes, I did start to cry because she knew I liked him. EVERYONE became mad and confused at her because they all knew I still had feelings towards him as well.

Now, I never talk to him, or hang out with him anymore. Also, my "good" friend, I barely spend time with her as well. I was heart broken and tore down.

Don't let love knock you down.
It's your choice to get back up,
so keep trying.

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