A Diamond

by Aria



You're like a soldier,

Fighting in a war.
Each new battle comes with a new wound
Always needing to be mended.

Waves are crashing down on you.
From all sides, trying to drown you.
You're in pain and swallowed by sorrow.
While you try to fight for air and light.

The would has put its burdens on your shoulders.
Each step you falter a little more.
But can't you see you're a diamond.
Special and pretty but tough too.
You have the spirit to win this war.
You're a diamond, it's true.

Men have tried to tear you down through your entire life.
Trying to break the precious you.
Trying to take what isn't theirs,
Trying, trying to take your spirit.

They hurt you and destroy you,
Because they know how much you're worth.
They don't want you to know how great you are,
The don't want you're light to shine.

Because, oh because you're a diamond.

Remember you're strong and have the power to win.
Only you can determine your path.
Don't let them take what is rightfully yours.
Don't let them take it from you because you're a diamond in the rough.

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