A heart that loves will forever be young.

by Barbara S. Reall
(Cranston, RI 02921)

Love is the greatest gift that God has put into our minds and our hearts. With that gift, if we open our minds and our hearts and allow it to enter, it will stay there forever! Once we are aware of its presence, life is completely different than when it was before we accepted God's gift. I am at a point in my life where I ABSOLUTELY LOVE EVERYONE! I know that the Holy Spirit of Jesus is with all of us eternally. Looking at everyone, whether I know them, see them in a shopping mall, know that they live in countries all around our world, I still pray for every one of them each day. It gives me peace that is indescribable. Regardless of the problems in my life, which could be characterized as "heavy", I still have love which flows from my heart and my mind to everyone. When I am in the classroom with my beloved students, regardless of what happens among them, it is able to be "corrected" and things change completely. They all do know that I "love them". They tell me that and they appreciate it tremendously. It is definitely God's gift that I share with them! He consistently keeps me filled with His peace, love, mercy, compassion, patience, kindness and respect. My beloved son, who has been diagnosed with a serious illness of cancer, is also receiving peace from God. My son is soft, humble, and loving to everyone regardless of his burden. Another beloved son had a child born much too early who only weighed 1 lb 1 oz. She was kept in the hospital for one full year until she weighed 7 lbs. Although he did have a burden also, he is sooo closely "related" to Our Beloved Father, Son, Holy Spirit and Our Blessed Mother. He has statues everywhere that he connects with daily. He has accepted this problem, also, only for one reason: the gifts from God of love, peace, mercy, etc. are keeping love in his heart forever! My heart will forever be young; so will the hearts of my two beloved sons. If everyone "walked down this path", they would, also! I cannot thank Jesus enough for these tremendous gifts. AMEN

Prof. Barbara S. Reall

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