A Love I Will Never Have :/

by Charlene

I'm in love with my best friend, yet he doesn't know that :)

Well, me, my other best friend, and him hang out a LOT. Although I`m the only girl, i don't mind. Anyways, HE is amazing ... no, more than that he is fantastic. Every time i'm near him, my heart
dances a little more, and i can't help but put on a stupid smile.
I'm afraid to tell him i like him, because it might ruin our
friendship, and MANY other girls like him. I'm lucky to even be hanging out with him :/
What makes matters worse, is that today at the beach, a good friend
of mines just told me that she might like him too. Smiling like a fool, i simply just congratulated her on finding someone that she
liked. Next, my other best friend asked me what was wrong, since i was a bit quiet, so i told him. He felt horrible too, and told me that
my other close friend might like him too.
Horrible eh? *sighs* I'll just have to get over him, yet we've made so many memories together. I've been telling myself for a while that
this feeling will go away, but it just keeps coming back. I could really use a couple of wishes right now, shooting stars wont work, give me a genie :))
Ah ... I would be happy to even date him for just a day, even though i would want more, but just a day to call him mine would be heaven for me >_< Again, I'm allowing my friends to take someone i adore/love.
Again, i foolishly step back and decide not to confess my love towards someone. To remain friends, even if it kills me, I'll be fine.

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