A Night of Dancing

by Khristine
(Bacolod City Philippines)



Working five days per week in a call center is really kind of tiring. Together with my co-agents, we decided not to work on for our last day of duty that week and decided to hang out and party all night in one of the famous night places out here. "AQUA" that's how we tag the place. Lights flickering, music jiving and everything! It was totally fun!

I was dancing and drinking with my friends. Then I get to notice this guy in black shirt. He was holding a bottle of RED HORSE in one hand and was staring at me. I was kind of disturbed with what he was doing, so I decided to have a seat. Then without hesitation he sat beside me and asked, "Can I dance with you?"

I answered, "I'm tired, I just want to have a seat for the moment."

He said, "Okay, I'll wait." And so he did.

He took hold of my hand and we went to the dance floor. He was gently holding me, but I hated his stares. He started to ask me some questions like "Whats your name?", "Where are you working?", "How old are you?" ... questions often asked in interviews.

I patiently answered all his never-ending questions. I did enjoy dancing with him. He'd hug me so tight and I never stopped him from doing that. He gently stroked my hair with his fingertips and said "I like you." YOU".

I was speechless, but I secretly smiled. I answered him, "Me too."

Wherever I went that night, he was always there and made sure that I was not pushed by other guys. When others would ask to have a dance with me, he would answer them back "She's mine."

We started dancing 10 in the evening and ended like almost 5 in the morning.
We sat side by side and he bit my back, kissed me on my cheeks and held my hand tightly. We were like boyfriends and girlfriends then.

Then came the sad part. We had to go home. Because I was so damn foolish thinking it would be best if he would be the first one who should ask for my number and Facebook account, I never asked him. He was in a hurry because his friends were already leaving him. He just gave me a kiss on the cheek and said,"I'll see you soon." I hated myself then for not finding out how to contact him.

This weekend I'll be going to that place again and I'm hoping that I'll find him there.

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