A Pointless Love Story

by Amanda
(Phenix City)

He and I were just hanging out one night. Things got a little flirty, so I turned out his bedroom light. Little did I know, that I was going to fall deeply in love.

I crawled on top of him and pulled away his pillow. Kissing him slowly, I felt his arms wrap around me. We both pulled back. I apologized.

For a month now, I have known him and for a month now I knew that he was in love with another girl. But why would he let me kiss him? Why would he let it go so far?

I started to gather my things and walk out the door. He followed me to my car and we talked. He held me in his arms, saying such sweet things. "Why do you feel so good in my arms?" He kissed me and smiled. I got in my car and sat there for a second. He leaned in and stole one last kiss and walked away.

I went home and crawled into bed. He texted me, making sure I got home alright and just to say goodnight. Twenty minutes later, I got another text. He couldn't sleep either and wanted me to see him again that night. I snuck out of my house and met him down the street. We went for a drive.

I asked him why he wanted to meet. He looked down at his steering wheel "I laid on my bed and my pillow smelt just like you and I had to see you." We held each other and we stayed out until the morning light.

The next few weeks, nothing was ever said. We would lay in the bed and cuddle. But no one ever knew how we felt for one another. The months passed and Fall was here.

We ended up doing something stupid. We made love and it wasn't very good. (We were both virgins too.)

But the whole time in the back of my mind, I knew that he wanted to be with the other girl. Stupid me ... I thought I could change his mind. We slept together two more times.

Now we barely talk and he isn't really my friend. He still wants the other girl. But I still wonder, why did he kiss me? Why did he sleep with me? Why did we spend so many nights, just the two of us together, holding each other and laughing.

I told you this was a pointless love story...

He said that one day he and that girl will be together. I guess I was just a fling and the sex wasn't even good.

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Feb 14, 2011
Not at all pointless
by: Anonymous

I was kinda thinking I don't see much point in love sometimes. Except role reversal for the boy girl part.

Why would she say I love you and why would she say your the closest person in the world to me when it seems as though she doesnt want to spent time with me anymore (not that we aren't around each other a lot anymore just were not so together anymore when were together).

Whats the point of all the smiles and hopes and feelings I had for her if its just another illusion like the previous girl I love who also said I love you back but probably also never meant it.

Ah at least I can look back on how I was and smile it still makes me happy thinking back of how I did nice things here and there and how I never bailed on loving them.

But that too I guess is pointless hey funny thing is im cynically laughing at this and I'm just 20. Isn't cynicism meant to be reserved for old men?

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