A story that almost any girl can or will soon be able to relate to

by Rachelle

This all started out in middle school, 8th grade. Our 8th grade was very immature dating wise so most relationships last about 2 weeks or less. Anyway so I was just a normal 8th grader minding my own business. I'm smart and averagely pretty,I love to dance and I had good friends. So I wasn't a nerd, but no cheerleader either. It was a normal day in my history class when we had to change seats, I somehow ended up in the back of the classroom with all boys (the teacher drew names), I had known all of them before except for one. He was Thomas (name changed to protect privacy). He loved soccer and football but was very smart. He wasn't your average teenage heartthrob either, so he was different. That sparked out romance. We started out just stealing each others stuff and doing some harmless flirting and then the next step with friendly hugging (I was playing hard to get). Anyway then one day when I was sure he would ask me out an jealous ex friend of mine went up and told him some untrue things about me (idk what)...He didn't talk to me that day....or for a while. or ever only a little over text now. Anyway now he is dating an Ex friend slut of mine and they are madly in love. He is stupid. I hate boys...

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Dec 15, 2011
Wtf do comments have to have titles? js
by: Melody

Hey, guess what? that guy, forget him for believing her. Go after the guy, NOW! Tell him whatever your ex friend said wasn't untrue and you love him. Yeah he might be in love with her, but your in love with him. If he don't feel the same, can't blame yourself for trying. You can't let people get in your way of being with the one you love. Good luck, if you do what I say. And if not, Good luck still. he might not even be Mr. Right, you won't know til you try..

Apr 11, 2011
Listen to me.
by: Isobelle

I know what you were thinking. In 8th grade all those things mean the world to you, you think the lessons about love will apply to you in life.
But really that guy was young and a dick.
Ignore him and get with a guy who isn't a dick. :)

Dec 15, 2010
by: Anonymous

just to let you know just because this kid screwed you over doesnt mean you should hate all guys, you should only hate the kid who blindly listened to gossip about you

Nov 25, 2010
i know
by: Bre

i know how that feels. it sucks and the guy is a dick.

Nov 18, 2010
know your pain
by: Monica

damn girl i know exactly how you feel sorry that had to happen to you but sluts will be sluts right?!

Oct 24, 2010
So Sorry...
by: Anonymous

You should have told him it was all lies! It's never too late, you know...

Oct 06, 2010
Know how you feel
by: Alexis (a different one :P}

Ahh. This reminds me of my other friend...except she isn't my ex friend and she didnt tell the dude I liked these things. Last year me and him had a really good connection. then she just took him away from me...i am still her friend because she is awsome. but she knows how i feel about him, and she still chooses to do this...
and that is so mean of your friend to tell him something to make you guys fade away a bit. if i were u i would've asked why you were so seperated. and he might answer. at least you still talk to him though. the dude doesn't talk to me anymore, and he flirts with her right in front of me...but i have been trying to move on. i just broke up with my boyfriend because i barely see him anymore. so i am mending the pain in my heart. hope things work out with you and your guy!! :)

Aug 17, 2010
Heck yes
by: Alexis(:

I so understand.
I've been through the same thing,

Starts out with harmless flirting, then ends up to being back stabbed.
It sucks, and it's even worse when you see him with an ex friend, trust me i know, i have to see it everyday.

But it's okay, because sooner or later we all move on, and one day we'll find the right guy who won't believe everything he's told. I mean it's going to take a lot more crushes, and more backstabbing bitches, but it'll happen one day(:

Aug 14, 2010
by: Anonymous

same here.

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