A Thing Called Love

by libby

She Cannot Hide The Anger Or The Pain No More

She Cannot Hide The Anger Or The Pain No More

She loved him

He Loved her
Everything was so perfect
They laughed, smiled, cried through family pains
All of their mates said they were meant to be together forever
At such a young age of 15, they were perfect.

Then things went wrong
The arguments, the tantrums
The bruises, the scars, the pain and the hurt

She thought everything was fine between them
She thought he loved her
But now he's not with her
She doesn't know how to cope no more.
It's been over a month since the break up,
And she feels the same as on day one.

They were together for eight months
He regrets all of it nearly
He cheated on her more times than fingers on one hand,
But he says he has changed and it will not happen again
When he has already cheated on his new girl
And I know this because it has been with me,
I just don't know what to do no more.

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Jul 27, 2009
by: Anonymous

This was lame.

Jul 19, 2009
Move On
by: Penny

He cheated on you with others and now he's cheating on others with you that tells me he's a CHEATER and this is what he will do with any girl he's with because he's not a faithful person/ boyfriend.

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