A Very Unhappy Ending & A Very Wierd Beginning....

by Mari and Lena
(Spana, New mexico)

LOVE STINX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE STINX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well while you are reading you will read two different stories one mine and the other my cousins. Well some people have read my first story but this is my new story the complete story. Me and my boyfriend had his really quiet relationship between each other for about four or five years. At first it was real steamy and hot we sat by each other and told one another that we were the only people that we really cared about.

Then my best friend comes in she was starting to think I was paying more attention to my boyfriend than her so I stopped sitting by him. Than a new girl came to school and he started to play around with her and I started getting real jealous. Finally about maybe six months later we broke up. I was really sad at first and i got over it then he asked me back out. SHOCK!!! And of course I said yes. then we started to talk on the phone a bunch and ever day i couldn't wait to get home and talk to him.Then one day I realized I wasn't really ready for a boyfriend so i broke up wit him. As soon as I did that I knew it was a really really big mistake. Guess what happened? I broke up with him two days before he his birthday and boy was I guilty i did that. A week later I asked him out and we stayed going out for about two or three years. Then I got to sixth grade and everybody changed and they started making all the boyfriends and girlfriends kiss and the only ones who hadn't done that was me and my boyfriend. I wanted our first kiss to be romantic and loving not three or four different people trying to make you kiss. After all those years we finally broke up and he was such a jerk about it he broke up with me over e-mail and I was pretty sure I was deep down in my heart I love with him. Then we had this program to go to Washington and we finally left and as we were there i realized he was a total jerk he was calling me a slut and a whore and all kinds of stuff and I think the main reason was because he was around all of his guy friends and i soon realized that if a guy can't act like himself around is guy friend with me around that he will never find true love. And then out of all thing the little new girl herself was one of my room mates and we got in a really huge fight because she tells lies about everyone and my friend had just broke up with her boyfreind and he is one of my really close guy friends and I was talking to him and the new girl saw us talking and told my friend tiny that me and him were making out. And I traded room mates with someone and i knew from that moment on and will always remember that i am way too good for that stupid guy. NOW TIME FOR YOU TO LISTEN TO THE SECOND STORY.

Now its time for my story it all started last year i liked this guy but I don't know if he likes me.This year it always seemed he was looking at me.I really have a crush on him I have had two dreams about him but I don't know what they mean.One of them we were at a dance and he was asking me if we wanted to dance and I said yes.Then he gave me a rose.And today was the last day of school and next will be the last year at school together. So I don't know what to do. Do I ask him out or just wait till he does. I just want to know what the dreams mean.I told one of my friends but I think I regret it now.All I know is I really like him.

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