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Four Steps to Rebuilding Trust

If you want affair help because you want to save your marriage, you may be thinking that you just want things back to the way that they were before the infidelity. In this article, you'll learn why that is not the best thing for your marriage. You'll also learn 4 tips for rebuilding love, trust and fidelity in your marriage.

If your spouse cheated on you, you need help surviving an affair and may be focused on getting things back to normal. After all, you and your spouse shared many happy, romantic moments together before the affair, so now, you just want to get those feelings back.

But doing this is not the answer and here's why: if you let your marriage return to the way it was before, then you haven't fixed the problem. Why? Because there was something missing in your marriage that led your spouse to seek intimacy outside your marriage.

This is the single most important piece of affair help: do not pine for the way things used to be. Instead, recreate your marriage.

While most people blame the cheater for the affair, if things were really happy at home, then your spouse would have never been tempted to stray. Even though you may have shared many happy, fun and romantic moments, you definitely don't want to let things go back to how they were before.

Surviving an affair by letting things settle into your old routine is a set up for another infidelity. So instead of pining for the past, learn how to rebuild your marriage and make it affair proof. Although this takes time, the result will be a happier, stronger, more fulfilling marriage that is based on love and trust.

Believe it or not, surviving an affair can help you develop the tools to make this happen. Even though it may not feel like it right now, there is a silver lining here. In all bad things that happen, there is an opportunity for growth. So seize that opportunity so you and your spouse can create a better, stronger and happier marriage.

Four Steps to Rebuild Your Marriage

1. Focus on your love for your spouse. Although you may be the wounded party and may still be hurt and angry with your spouse, deep down inside, you must still have love for the other person in order to rebuild your marriage. If you have a "don't care" attitude make sure that your indifference isn't just masking deeper fears.

2. Recommit to Each Other. Both partners need to invest in the marriage in order to begin the process of surviving the affair and get past it to the other side. A firm commitment will help you through.

3. Willingness to Work. Forgiving the cheater is not an easy process. And that's the key: it is a process. Learning how to let go of anger, doubt, suspicion, insecurity, resentment and fear as it arises will take time. Of course, equally important is that your spouse is willing to accept and deal with your feelings and let you go what it is necessary to rebuild trust.

4.Use Resources.. Surviving an affair is not easy, but it is worth it because what you get is a better relationship all around. However, you do need a guide to help you through the process. One that will help you become transparent with each other because complete honesty is what is required to heal after an affair and it is also the cornerstone for a happy, healthy, strong and fulfilling marriage. This affair helpresource was developed by a therapist of over 30 years whose specialty is helping couples rebuild their marriages after an infidelity. It will guide you step by step through the process and answer all your questions. Just sign up for a free report.

So there you have it. Surviving an affair is not only possible, but it can be your springboard to the marriage of your dreams. Take the first step in a positive direction by reading this guide to surviving an affair and making your relationship stronger and more fulfilling.

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