All My Fault

by Angel

I had this boyfriend named Chris. My best friend, Colton was hanging out with him one day, and I went to Colton's house and saw Chris. You see, I've known Chris for about 6 years now. Me and Chris just started talking and hit it off right away. He snuck into my house every single night. And got caught by his parents nearly every single night. Long story short, Chris gave me all his necklaces and bracelets then got sent to JDC. I saw him at school a couple weeks later. He called me and told me that he asked another girl out because he thought I assumed we immediately broke up as soon as he went to juvie. But I explained that I still wanted to be with him, so he broke up with his other little girlfriend. Chris was starting to act weird during school, and it was really starting to worry me. Colton came to my house after school one day, and told me he needed to talk to me about Chris. He said that Chris told him that he didn't give a sh** about me anymore and all he wanted to focus on was skateboarding. Colton begged me not to break up with him, and to just give him a chance. But I was way too stubborn to listen. I didn't wanna get broken up with, so I called Chris that very night. I told him that we had drifted apart and our feelings had faded, and I thought that it'd be best if we broke up. He agreed, then hung up. But the truth feelings hadn't faded at all. I was still in love with him. I just didn't want him to know that. I spent the next couple months mourning over my loss of him. And it didn't even phase him one bit.

Of course, it wasn't until months later, he told me that he didn't tell Colton he didn't give a sh** about me. He said he wanted to focus on skating. He told me that if I wouldn't have broken up with me, his feelings would start getting stronger--like they were before. We ended up dating another time after that. But it didn't last very long. Me and Chris hardly ever talk now. Unless it's about how he wants to steal my Hollywood Undead CD.

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