all of this pain

by courtney t.

all of this pain,

its killing me

i wish i could drain
the pain
but its always the same
nothings ever gonna change

no matter how hard i try
i cant forget about the lies
and it makes me want to die
but i try, and i try, and i try

to forget the past
why didnt it last?
it all went by so fast

it was surely love
like a gift from above
and all i wanted to do was love

i lay here crying alone
the truth chills me to the bone
but now its all gone

i want to get over you
i just dont think i can get through

all of this pain,
its killing me

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Oct 19, 2008
Dear Courtney T, from Tennessee
by: Anonymous

Dear Courtney T from Tennessee,
Your poetry is killing me.
Is it poem? Is it song?
It's clear that something's very wrong.

It's just the same repeated tripe,
I still don't understand the hype.
A ripped offed emo ditty, fake,
Does not a proper poet make.

A preoccupation with the hearse
Lies tattered in your fractured verse,
Which yet lacks thought and application
Perhaps a lighter affirmation
Could lend your work a bit more grace,
Allowing you to save some face.

Valid poems show a life,
Lit from within by honest strife
Sans experience your doggerel song
Rings hollow, base, recycled, wrong.

While I love the intensity of your work, it's vital to remember that an Alanis Morrisette CD, glass of vodka and a head full o' big ol' dreams will not make you the wonderful poet your fans (no, wait, fan) seem to think you are. Evanescence and their ilk are by no means fantastic in themselves, without your misguided attempts at imitation. Have a good one. Y'all

Jan 24, 2008
by: ;]

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