All That Is Left of Our Love

by jessica

all that is left of our love is the cuts on my wrist

all the times you said to miss
but i know the difference: you don't miss me or the times we shared
because i know you never really cared
but i do miss you still and my heart still kills
it started on the day you said goodbye
that's when i began to cry
that is when i cut your name so deep
it's for all the nights i couldn't sleep
i love you so much it hurts
but you have only made it worse
but there is nothing you can do or say
to make this pain go away
you moved on
but i will never be gone
because the love we shared
meant so much i do not care
you moved on, so i see
so now you can forget about me
and you said we were meant to be
but in the end, the truth came out
now i'm here all alone
while you just carry on.

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