almost fell for it

by sandy

It started when I had a crush on a new guy at school. Let's call him Alexis. My friend told me that I had no chance with this guy. She told me that there was another guy who liked me. I asked who is was and she told me he was your former classmate. I thought this was impossible because we've never talked even once. Our worlds are very different.

Then he started to court me .... one day I realized that he was the one I like, I started loving him. At one point, I told him I was afraid to get hurt, so he told me he felt the same. It was Feb 12. I was going to tell him that I also liked him, but then he told me he wasn't ready to have a girlfriend. He has many problems, but the truth was he was just using me as a prop.

I hated him for that. Every time I think of him, I am so hurt, but I finally moved on ... he apologized to me and told me the truth that he just used me and he was so sorry ... and after that, we became friends. But now he's courting my former classmate Cristy ... such a fool ... I'm not bragging or anything, but I'm prettier than her.

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