alone. broken promises. empty. heartbreak.

by Taylor

dead in her mind

and cold to the bone
she opened her eyes
just to see she was alone.

she sits in the corner
crying herself to sleep
wrapped around the promises
that no one seems to keep.

they ignore each other
and look away
but they both know
it wasnt suppose
to end that way.

i miss you really bad
i wont forget you its so sad
i hope that you can hear me
because this i know clearly
since the day you slipped away
i know i'll never be the same.

i try to let go
i try to forget.
i think of you
as nothing but a regret.
its hard to trust
when everyone leaves
you slit your wrists
and let them bleed.
but things will get better
it might be bad now
but it wont be forever.
someone will be there for you
you wont ever feel alone
they will help you out
and you'll finally feel at home.
so you hang in there,
because someday
everything will be okay.
[honestly. the other sayings i found online.
but this last one i made up myself.

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