Am I Mean

This guy i used to date was the sweetest guy when we first met but after maybe 2-3 months he began to show his true colors and told me all, well most his "secrets". He's an okay person now and it's been about a year but he's very sneaky and rude and clingy and can be selfish in his own way.

He has 7 kids at age 24, doesn't do much for any but 2 of them, frequently spends a lot of time with the baby mom he so desperately hates but is mad because i dont want to be with him.

He says he feels that i think im "better" than him because of my success, attitude, looks, and standards for "my ideal man"... Am i rude or do i just want and expect better for myself?

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Oct 23, 2010
you are not mean
by: Anonymous

NO you are not mean. i do not blame you at all. who in their right mind would want to get involved in such stupidity? dude just ran around making all those children and playing around with baby mama drama oh no girl you need to get away far away from him.

he doesn't even sound like he is a decent person: sneaky and stuff ain't no telling what he may do or try to get you caught up in.

if i were you i would slowly seperate myself from him. i say slow cause he is a shady person and you may not want to do it so suddenly. people like him always try to bring people down and you seem to have a lot going for you.

don't let people like this ruin what you have. sounds like you are good people and that you want better and everyone deserves that.

good luck and remember DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. you are looking out for yourself and you are what's important.

Oct 21, 2010
Am I Mean
by: Penny

NO, you are not mean and don't you allow him to make you think you are. You have the right not to want any person you don't feel or think is right for you. You controll your life and if you want better, so be it!

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