An Angel by My Side

by Dave Benton

hello im new poet, well trying to be... lol

hello im new poet, well trying to be... lol

Last Christmas my wife died in a car crash

Tt hurt so much
We were married for 20 years
We loved each other with all our hearts.
The police rang me and told me
my wife been in a car crash
I rushed to the hospital where she laid in a coma
It was horrible
I held her hand and told her I loved her so much
I spent days talking to her,
Trying to get her to wake up
but nothing happened.
I just kept talking about how
We loved it when it snows
And when it was cold
so we could snuggle up to each other to keep warm
And have a cup of cocoa in front of an open fire And then watch a romantic movie.
Her eyes opened and she told me that
She loved me very much.
I was happy, but then her eyes closed
And the machine went off,
I shouted for a doctor
The doctor ran into the room and
Tried to resuscitate her but
She wouldn't respond.
My life was flashed in front of my eyes and
I hit rock bottom
And turned to drink.
I didnt want to live without her and
I had nothing without her.
I missed her and loved her with everything I had But I didn't want to be a drunk
So I asked for help and
that was the best thing
I have ever done.
I started to get
Back on my feet.
Now a year has gone by.
It was Christmas night,
I was in front of the open fire,
Having some cocoa
When I heard a gentle voice
Say, "I love you."
I looked where the voice was coming from and
I could see a image of my wife in the chair
With a cup of cocoa in front of an open fire.
She said, "I'm always gonna be here for you
But when I walked to the chair
She was gone and now, I know that
I'll never be alone again.

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