An Ode to Unrequited Love

I have not the slightest idea where to begin

Maybe I should start on the effect that you have on my skin
Or how you make me feel like I’m on display in a galleria
Where to begin, I have not the slightest idea

I noticed you first in my chemistry class
Right then and there I knew I had hit an impasse
Since then I’ve continued to fall headfirst
In my chemistry class I noticed you first

Everything about you coaxed itself in like an unwanted guest
Like the way you would sigh when taking a hard test
Or your unexpected glances that made me wonder what lies within
Like an unwanted guest, everything about you coaxed itself in

At the beginning it wasn’t more than a feeling
A feeling that I had no intention of revealing
It wasn’t until later that that feeling started winning
It wasn’t more than a feeling at the beginning

Things have changed. I am now completely addicted
And there is no song, book, or movie in which you are not depicted
Most days I no longer feel sane but rather deranged
I am now completely addicted. Things have changed.

By no means have you ever given me a reason to hope
But with this feeling I can no longer cope
I can’t help but wonder what could be
A reason to hope, by no means have you ever given me

I am free now that you officially know.
A breath of fresh air I will take, and accept that you I will have to forgo
To this I attest, no matter how hard it may be
Now that you officially know; I am free.

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