Apparently depressed

by Cannyx

Look at me, I'm on meds

If I wasn't, I'd be dead
My parents try to understand
Trying to lend me a crippled hand
Don't they know I hate them?
I know I shouldn't blame em........
And I start to cut all that they hem

You people understand me, right?
Why I whine and why I sigh
I really wish I could die
Instead of living just to cry

I'm really sorry if I depress you
But what I wrote is really true
And if you knew me really well
You'd sit right next to me in hell

My Favorite book is really sad
The Catcher in The Rye, I know, makes me mad
And the divine music that I hear
Just makes me shed more lonely tears

I'm just another girl, I suppose
Who lives on this damned planet that I oppose
I'm really emotional and it shows
Another day is just another blow

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