Battle Called Life

by Jessica Marie Newhall Addario

She lives in a home where she's hated

She's unwanted,tormented,and unloved by those who are supposed to care
But they could care less about her
It's like she's the outcast of the family
They are all to blind to see how much they hurt her
Or maybe they see but just don't care
Living with these people day to day
All it does is crush her spirit or what's left of it more and more
Cause of them she's constantly crying in her room alone
She only feels hate,pain,and loneliness
She sometimes wishes she was dead
So that all her pain would be taken away
She needs to be rescued from herself
Before she makes a choice
One that she won't be able to take back
She doesn't see a point in living
Why would she?
When she has nothing to live for
Nobody understands her
Nobody can make her forget
All the painful words,actions,and non-actions
She's on the edge of breaking down
And nobody is there to save her
She's all alone fighting this battle called life
And when she's gone they won't mourn
But they'll rejoice
Cause maybe then their lives would be less complicated
After she's lost the battle called life

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