Becoming Fifteen

by Kelly

I always hated the song; 'Fifteen' by Taylor Swift. I thought she just sang those songs from how she thinks it is, and so I never even wanted to hear that song.

But finding out he's got another special somebody and he just said those 3 words to you because he was used to it, made me find out I was completely wrong.

I was a fool, because I hated to learn what was painful. But after my heart break, I listened to Taylor Swift's song once again, and cried myself to sleep.

No, Taylor didn't make that song out of her own thoughts. She was trying to warn us on what would happen to all of us, so that we wouldn't make the same mistake as she did.

It's painful, I couldn't bear it.

But seeing I'm not the only one who experienced it makes me stronger. Because without this heart break, I wouldn't get stronger.

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