Being ignored by the guy you like

It all started about a year ago I grew feelings for this guy but of course he only saw me as a friend, no matter how hard I tried I could not stop thinking about him.

This year I told my best friend about the feelings I had for this boy, and she understood completely, till a few weeks later she said to me, do you still like him, I said yea of course, she then said to me I don't want this to come between us but I like him to, that night I sat in the corner of my bedroom crying wondering how she could do this to me, but I wasn't gonna let somthing like this get between our friendship? It's not like they were going out or anything, I spoke to soon, my crush and best friend started to become closer and closer they were with each other everyday at school and I had to walk around acting like it wasn't killing me.
They started to see each other and I pretended I was happy for them when all I really wanted to do was cry, after awhile of dealing with them being together, they had a fight and I couldn't off been more happier to tell you the truth my feelings never left for this boy the whole time if anything they got stronger, so everything eventually went back to normal, I had my best friend back and my crush all to myself the only problem this time was that I couldn't stand my best friend I hated her so much for what she did to me so I decided that i wasn't going to make her hate me I was just going to get even.
There was a party on the weekend coming up and me and my crush were both going , this was my chance to make my move, get my revenge, I kissed him it was the best night of my life, i got one of my other friends to tell my "best friend" about it and it crushed her, I finally got her back and it felt great I just wish my crush talked to me after that night.

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