Best Friend or Boy Friend?

My best friend is this guy that I have known for more than five years. We are in classes together and we talk a lot. Almost every day we talk on the phone and on the weekends we go out and hang out together.

Well, I was dating this guy who didn't like my friend because he thought we were too close. My boyfriend and I were really close and everything, but I was still close with my guy friend. Even when I was dating this boyfriend, I went out more with my friend.

After I broke up with the boyfriend, I was with the friend. And we were talking about the ex and why I broke up with him. And my friend asked if I had more fun with him or the ex boyfriend, and I said the ex boyfriend because the kissing was really good.

He said why don't we try it? He leaned over and almost kissed me, but pulled back and was laughing, but we felt awkward the rest of the night. We are fine now but I keep thinking back to that night and all I can think about is how much I want to kiss this friend. Life sucks when you like your best friend and he's in love with one of your other friends.

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