Best Friend

I need a best friend,
best friend to tell my secrets,
Secrets I can't tell mom and dad,
Secrets I can't share with my brother and sister
Secrets I don't want to keep to myself.

Best friend come to me,
my boyfriend just broke my heart,
I need you
let me laugh
bring me back.

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May 21, 2009
Best Liars
by: lil jj

Man, I know what you're saying. But friends who say that they'll be there for you 24/7, really mean that they'll be there for you when they feel like listening. If you press them, they'll get pissed off and drop you like trash.

Mar 31, 2009
i feel your pain
by: m@rie-uH

I know what you mean...When my significant other hurt me really bad I needed someone to talk to because I couldn't turn to anyone else..I needed someone, anyone, to be there for me...But I had no one.

Mar 31, 2009
Two Hurting Hearts
by: Kim

Hi Best Friend,

I just had my heart broken too. I'd been talking to this guy online for the last 4 months and I kept telling him over and over again, please don't play with my heart, and he assured me that he wasn't, then all of a sudden he deleted his e-mail account and left me hanging without a word.

The last e-mail he sent me said he wanted to be in bed with me on such a yucky day! I thought that would be great. I e-mailed back and told him it wasn't a yucky day because we were both alive and well and doing good.

I don't know why he led me on like this when he knew how I felt and now I'm hurting so bad (I've never hurt like this before, I've never loved like this before).

I just wish he'd at least give me the courtesy to e-mail and say let's just be friends or I'm not ready yet or something, maybe it would ease the pain.

I will pray for you and I hope that you will pray for me that our pain will soon subside and someone new will come along and take the place of what you thought would have been a wonderful life together.

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