Best Friend/Boyfriend

by Abbey

I'm definitely a guy's girl, if you know what I mean. 75% of my friends are guys. They're less complicated and don't worry about what other people think. Toward the end of this May (I was in 7th grade at the time), though, I realized I was in love with my best guy friend who I've known since we were ten. Before, people always asked if we were dating and said we would be the perfect couple. I have a big, loud personality, while he's a little quieter and more thoughtful. Some said we'd even look cute together; me, a 5'2" blonde with blue eyes and light golden skin, he, a 5'9" redhead, muscular and lighter skinned. We were inseparable. One day, during the July before 8th grade, we were talking and he got me to say that I loved him. Right then and there, he kissed me (my first kiss) and said, "I love you too. Always have. I'm just glad you finally love me back." How sweet is that? We have now been dating for 3 months to the day. I'm so glad I have him, my best friend and now boyfriend. The best person to be in love with is your best friend.

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