Best Friends or Love?

by Maggie
(New Jersey, United States)

Okay, well me and this boy are the best of friends and we always have been. but then he told me that he likes me more than a friend. i didnt know what to do. after awhile, i realized that i do like him more than a friend and i told him that. i didnt think i was totally ready to go out with him though. i was afraid of what people would say when they found out we were going out. after a while i learned not to care about what people think, and to just do what my heart tells me. finally, we were going out and everything was perfect. we just celebrated our one month, we hung out at my house. it was really awkward because last time we were at my house we were just friends, but now we were going out. every time i sat next to him, he got nervous. so then i didnt know what was up, so i asked him. he told me that he is just nervous because everyone was making a big deal because we havent kissed yet. so then i was like freaking out, cause i didnt know if i wanted to kiss him yet. we hung out the rest of the night, but nothing happened. we were all touchy-feely and everything, but every time i would get close to his face he would just get all shaky. i figured this wasnt going to work out, like i wanted to kiss and all but maybe another time. two weeks after our one month anniversary, we got into a fight because we werent talking in school anymore but we didnt know why. ever since our one month we havent really talked in school, we talked on the phone for a week straight though. he told me that he was just thinking about us and i was like good or bad? and hes like idk really. then i had a feeling things were bad. he told me that things were getting bad, like we werent talking in school and we werent talking on the phone anymore either. he said that if things got worse we would never be friends anymore, after we broke up. and then i was like well we can work this out, so things wont get worse and we will be friends. but he said that things would just be better if we were just friends, when he said that tears started rolling down my face. i had really started to love him and he just broke my heart. when he said that, the last thing i wanted to do was become friends with him again. after crying for over an hour, i tried thinking things over. like he said he was trying to save our friendship, but he wasnt saving it, he was tearing our friendship apart. after a week, i realized that i didnt want to lose him. he was my best friend ever, and i lost him as a boyfriend so i wasnt ready to lose him as a best friend too. i talked to him about it and we both decided to take it one step at a time, we were gonna be friends and once that happened we are gonna be like best friends again. but we know that things wont be the same as they were before we went out. like i havent seen him since the day after he broke up with me, because it has been winter vaka. but like im going to see him tomorrow and thats gonna be the true test, if we talk like friends then its all good. but if he ignores me or we just dont talk then we gotta rethink this all. well this is my love story, hope you learn from this.

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Sep 19, 2008
I Relate to This
by: Anonymous

damn...this is exactly what I'm going through right now... It's kind of hard being friends with someone you started to love as more than a's like you have to start all over... But yeah in time I guess things will get better.

Feb 12, 2008
same story
by: Anonymous

i have the same story and i didn't know what to do but i did the same thing. but it went sort of like when you guys were going out and then broke up we said the same to be friends it was better off. but then when we broke up, we didn't feel the same as before we went out. and it killed me b/c i lost it all. we talked for a few weeks after the breakup ... but then things got out of hand and i haven't talked to him for 2 months now. i wonder what happened after all that for you? did things work out? i mean i hate it b/c now he likes another girl. and i hate him. and i hate hating him. omg i really need help!!

Jan 19, 2008
by: Anonymous

you know what..
i didn't tell my best friend that i loved him..
i just watched him fall for somebody else - twice.
and now, i don't even wanna see him anymore.
it crushes me too much.
see, even if you didn't tell each other, if there's something else other than friendship between you too.. you friendship will really and still be torn or in a sense affected in some way..

Jan 08, 2008
by: Anonymous

the same thing happened to me !

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