best relationship ever....or so i thought!

by hope burris
(Saint John)

It all started when my dad and I moved in with his girlfriend and kids. I met this guy named Alec and I fell in love with him, but was too scared to say anything. When I finally told him I liked him, this is what he said "I'm so glad you said that. Ever since I met you, I fell in love."

I was so amazed, I started crying on the spot. I couldn't believe it. We started dating and we became very close we did everything together and told each other everything. We were perfect ...or so I thought.

It was Halloween and my stomach was really hurting, but I still went to met Alec at his bus stop. (We don't go to the same schools so it was hard, but we worked it out somehow.) He had a dance at school that day and he danced with another girl and thought I would be mad, so he ended the one and a half year relationship.

I was so broken and alone, I thought about killing myself, but then he came up to me one day and told me why he ended it. I started crying happy tears. I was glad that even thought we couldn't be together, we could still be friends.

That was a year ago. Now, we don't really talk. If I'm by his house, I stop in and say hi but we weren't how we use to be. That's something I've lived with and always will. To this day, I still think that if we went to the same school, it would have changed things, but I got throught the worst of it and I had friends and family to help.

To anyone who has suffered a break up, you're not alone. I've been through it and many many more have as well. Please don't kill yourself over it...I almost did and looking back now, yeah, it was hard and it hurt worse then anything, but it happened and I couldn't change it.

I was put in the hospital to be looked after for awhile and to this day, I'm still on depression pills. It's really bad ... all because of a guy who didn't love me the same way. I look back on it now and wonder why was I so upset.

I still dream at night that he will come back and maybe some day, he will. We did have the same dream of getting married and being together forever! Maybe it will come true, but then I don't think I could take the pain of always thinking that he will leave me again.

Then again, everything happens for a reason ... what's meant to be, is meant to be.

And I've grown from this and forgiven him.

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Jun 03, 2009
by: Anonymous

Wow, you are one tough cookie.

Jun 02, 2009
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Some people have more power to love than others: real love scares them.

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