Bestfriend > boyfriend

by Mariska

It was the start of 7th grade. A whole new school and class. I only knew 2 people. We grew up together but that's it.

The first day was an introduction day, you play games with the whole class or in groups. Well, we were playing a game with a group and I came in a group with 3 other guys. I never hung out with guys.

Those guys were really nice to me and helped me a lot. We became friends. Two of them were twins, the twins were the outgoing persons of the group and the other guy was a quiet one.

The year hadn't ended yet and the twins had to move to another city. I was devastated. I really liked their company. I lost touch with my old friends and became friends with the quiet guy. Best friends. We always walked together from school. Talked on the phone for hours. And I started liking him. Really liking him. But I didn't want to tell him because I would ruin our friendship. And that's no good.

It was summer, no school. And he asked me if I would like to hang out with him. I didn't mind. I liked him and I was already bored. And this happened everyday in the summer.

Time flew by and suddenly we were in 8th grade. I still liked him. But that year wasn't a great year. My uncle died, my mom had to go to the hospital for 2 months. Because of this I failed 8th grade. I only could go to 9th grade on a lower level. So I went to a lower level. That was a hard decision, that meant I had to go to a new class, new teachers and stuff. But I took that step.

9th grade went really well, didn't fail any subject. But I didn't speak him anymore. I made new friends. I still liked him, but less. 10th grade flew by. I didn't like him anymore.

And now I'm in 11th grade. I have never talked to him again, since yesterday. I was sitting in the park while he passed by with his friends and said to his friends he will catch them later and walked towards me. He asked me if he could join me. I didn't mind. Never done.

We started talking about everything and nothing. Useless, senseless but meaningful. Then he started laughing out loud and said 'Now I know why I had a big ass crush on you' I was surprised and told him I also had a crush on him. But we didn't like each other anymore. And besides, he already has a girlfriend.

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