Betrayal x 3

by Cindy

The first emotional affair my husband had happened with an old female friend from middle school. He found her on Facebook. They started out conversing on the message board. He had told me about finding her and it seemed it was innocent.

Then after a few weeks of him staying up late at night on his computer, my gut told me that something was going on. I finally got up the nerve to find out so I went into his Facebook and read the messages back and forth and found out he had crossed the boundaries of friendship. I then had a suspision that they were emailing back and forth so I went into his email account. There it was! They had both started with the mushy stuff that turned my stomach and had told her he was going to come see her when he went to Pennsylvania in the summer (she lives in New Jersey).

He had even given his cell phone number to her so I checked those records too and there it was. They had been calling each other for some time. I confronted him about it trying to hold back the tears and emotions without success and he became very physically violent and started the verbal abuse as well. He denied it but he knew deep down that I knew the truth. He finally did confess and he told the woman that I found out and he called it quits. The woman started calling me a bitch and psycho and he would defend her over me. It finally came to a halt.

The second emotional affair started the same way, on Facebook. The story went the same way verbatim. It ended in the same way as the first one. This one lives in New York.

The third one started a few days ago with yet another old female friend. I have since read his emails back and forth between them and yet again he has crossed that boundary. I am handling this one different because I remember how the first two went. I have not said anything to him but have forwarded all the emails to me and placed them in a folder. I am waiting to see how far this one goes before doing anything. This one lives in Florida.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my marriage is over. I had told him at the beginning of our relationship that if I ever reach the point of having no tears, becoming very quiet and taking my ring off that there would be no turning back. I guess he didn't believe me but now he has pushed me to that point of no return. My mind is clearer now than it has ever been on what I want and how I will get it.

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