Betrayed Love

by Dashmeet singh

Betrayed Love

In 6 standard a girl named VAISHALI came in our class. She was this beautiful that when she came new in our class every girl was jealous of her because every boy was looking at her.

I also liked her but you know that I can't tell her in the first time so I waited for some time, at that time I didn't know how to make girlfriends or how to talk to them so in our 6th standard I offered a girl, not her but another girl whom I know good and she was also good, when I offered her she said yes and I was so shocked that she said yes.

So I learned how to talk to girls and how to make them happy.
After 1 year when I learned how to do everything, I couldn't ask her because I was afraid but I have to do that so after 2 years I asked her and she said yes. I don't know what happened to me or what just happened, but I lost my mind. I was so happy that I could do everything for her.

After some months when I told her her that I liked her when she came in our class, she laughed at that and said I also liked you when I came in your class.
You know it was a first sight love.

After some months it went good ,but after some time I was suffering from viral fever, so she made a call to me and asked why you were absent today so I told her the reason. Next day also I took a leave because to take rest and that day also she made a call to me and said I don't to be with you and I want to have break-up with you.

I was totally shocked after hearing that. Next day when i came back, I asked her what happened. She said, I don't want to talk to you.
After some time, I figured it out who was the culprit and she was my cousin's sister.
I couldn't say something to her.

From then it has been passed 7 months that I have been without her and you know it doesn't feel good.

Everyday I wanted to talk to her but I couldn't, I am very lonely now.

Now I understand the meaning of love.
The meaning of love is PAIN.

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