Betrayed.. well.. Kinda ;)

by Danielle Guizo
(Tampa, Florida, US)

I started liking a certain guy in 4th grade. I was new to this school. My assigned seat was right next to his. So we laughed together, talked together, smiled together, ate together, we pretty much did every thing together. He was basically my best friend. Then, I started meeting new friends who were girls and they told me they liked him too. I was very upset. I didn't tell them that I liked him though. He started hanging around my other friends too and sometimes I felt as if he would spend more time with him than he would with me. By the end of 5th grade a friend told me that the reason he would spend so much time with them was because he secretly liked me and he wanted to know more about me. At the very last day of the school year, I was walking out of class with him and my other friends ran up to him and asked "Who do you like?" He blushed and looked down. Then they pointed at me and asked "Do you like her?". He looked at me, smiled, and blushed. "Yes. Actually I do." he said. We had the best days of our lives after that day. We were 10 or 11 back then. Now we're 19 and we've been in love ever since. <3

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